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Add Simple Voice Chat to your Minecraft server

Simple Voice Chat is a great tool, allowing you to communicate with players in-game via proximity voice chat (meaning players are louder the closer they are to you). This can make your Minecraft experience even more fun, and you can see it in use in numerous videos like TommyInnit's YouTuber Hunger Games event.

We've made it super easy to install and the quickest way to do so is outlined below.

Visit the Simple Voice Chat page on Modrinth and download the corresponding version. If you're running a Pufferfish/Paper server, you'll want the "Bukkit" plugin file, or if you're running Fabric/Forge, the "Fabric" or "Forge" mod file.

Head to our game panel at and select your server.

Select the Files button in the sidebar, and then click on the plugins folder if you're uploading the plugin version, or the mods folder to upload the mod.

Drag and drop the Simple Voice Chat file into your browser window to allow it to upload.

Restart your server to load in the new plugin/mod.

Select the Network button in the sidebar, followed by Create Port to add another port to your server. Copy this port to your clipboard (it should be a 5-digit number).

Select the Files button in the sidebar again, then head to the plugins > voicechat folder if you installed the plugin, or config > voicechat if you installed the mod. Select the file named to open it in the file editor.

Replace the default port in the config with the one you were allocated, and press Save.

Restart your server once more to load the new config, and Simple Voice Chat should now work!

Please be aware that Simple Voice Chat is also a client-side mod, and you will need to install the Fabric/Forge version of it on your client in order to use it. You can use the exact same file that you uploaded to the server as the mod on your client, downloaded from Modrinth.

Updated on: 19/06/2024

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