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Getting started with your Minecraft server

Purchasing a server from Lilypad was the right choice! This article should cover the basics of setting up and configuring your Minecraft server, so that you and your community can start playing in a survival world straight away.

You should've received an email with instructions on setting up your account with our game panel, available at – just click the link in the email to get started and, and once inside the control panel, select your server that you just deployed. If your server isn't online already, you can start it by pressing the Start button in the top-right corner of the Console page in the panel.

We automatically enable a username-based whitelist/allowlist on all servers created with us, so please run whitelist add <player> in the console to add your account (and others') to the list, replacing <player> with your in-game username. If you're running a private server, we recommend keeping it enabled for security reasons, however you can run whitelist off in the console to disable it (this allows anyone with your server's IP to connect to your server!)

You can then copy the IP address and port to the top right of the console:

And connect to it via your Minecraft client, using the version you installed (usually the latest version):

You may want to grant yourself OP/operator permissions on your server, which you can do so by running op <player> in the console. You can also remove a player's privileges with the deop <player> command, or remove them from the whitelist with whitelist remove <player>

You can see the list of whitelisted players at any time with the whitelist list command

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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