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Add a datapack to your Minecraft server

It's super easy to add a datapack to your Minecraft server – we've outlined the easiest way to do so below.

Please note that it's not recommended to have too many heavy datapacks on a single server. They can hurt your server's performance and cause lag due to running many commands every tick, although lighter datapacks (e.g. Vanilla Tweaks or adding additional Origins) shouldn't adversely affect performance.

Head to our game panel at and select your server.

Select the Files button in the sidebar, and then click on your world folder – usually named world – followed by the datapacks folder.

Drag and drop the datapack(s), which should be in the form of a .zip, into your browser window. They should automatically upload and you can monitor the progress from the panel.

Restart your server and the datapack should be loaded in. You can confirm the datapack's active on your server by running the datapack list command in your server console. Enjoy!

What are datapacks?

They're Vanilla-compatible packs containing modifications for your server, such as adding additional biomes to your world, or tweaking world mechanics. They only need to be installed on your server and are not needed on your players' clients.

Where can I get datapacks for my Minecraft server?

Modrinth and Planet Minecraft are some great places to download modpacks made by other Minecraft players. Vanilla Tweaks is another great tool made by the community which allows you to pick and choose some modifications to the game, allowing for a Vanilla+ experience. Vanilla Tweaks will require you to right-click then Extract the uploaded file inside your datapacks folder.

On multi-world servers, datapacks are applied globally to all worlds on the server when uploaded to the main world's datapacks folder, not per world.

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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