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Add a resource pack to your Minecraft server

It's super simple to add a custom resource pack to your server with Lilypad.

Download the resource pack you want players to receive when they join your server. You can find some great ones over at Modrinth, CurseForge or Planet Minecraft.

Ideally you should now have a .zip file downloaded on your computer. Now you can visit MCPacks, a free resource pack hosting service (although we'll be working on our own very soon), and upload the pack you downloaded.

Head to our game panel at and select your server, then press Files in the sidebar.

Open the file named in the main folder of your server, then add the "Download URL" MCPacks gave you after the resource-pack= option.

We also recommend you add the "SHA-1 Hash" MCPacks generated after the resource-pack-sha1= option, which will stop your players' clients from having to redownload the pack each time and allowing them to connect faster. Make sure you update this if you ever change the resource pack in the future.

Want players to be forced against their will to accept the resource pack if they want to play on your server? This is usually useful if you have custom textures/models that wouldn't display properly if they weren't to have the resource pack. Set the require-resource-pack option in your to true and (optionally) configure a resource-pack-prompt to justify your reason for being so forceful.

Run a Velocity-powered network? You may find it easier to use the VelocityResourcepacks plugin on your proxy, which allows you to specify a network-wide resource pack and removing the need for your players to reload their textures whenever they switch between servers.

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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