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Create and use a MySQL database on your server

Databases can be great to use when storing large amounts of player data for your server. They can allow for faster lookups of data by plugins due to being more "structured" than traditional file-based formats of storing data, like YAML or JSON.

We've made it simple to create MySQL databases for your server, and below is the easiest way to do so:

Head to our game panel at and select your server, then press Databases in the sidebar, followed by the Create Database button.

Pick a descriptive name for your database – most people opt for the name of the plugin which they're creating a database for, e.g. luckperms or coreprotect. You can leave the Connections From box blank, then press Create Database.

You can now click on the eye icon next to the database to view its credentials that you'll need to configure the plugin. Open your server's Files page in a new tab, and find the plugin config which you'd like to edit to contain the database information.

Some plugin configs may require you to set a storage type – if the option of "MariaDB" is available, like on LuckPerms, set it to that (MariaDB, which we run, is a more feature-filled fork of the standard MySQL server, but it's still compatible with traditional MySQL syntax). Otherwise, "MySQL" or simply "SQL" are usually acceptable options.

Set the database address to (an internal IP so your server can connect directly to the database), the username and password to the ones given to you earlier, and the database name to what was generated (usually in the format of s123_luckperms where luckperms is the name you entered earlier).

Fun fact! The first and second buttons here can be used to copy pre-filled database configs for LuckPerms and CoreProtect respectively, which can be pasted into their config files, saving you some time:

Wanting to modify/update data in your database externally? You can use the HeidiSQL or MySQL Workbench software to connect from your computer, using the Address specified in the panel.

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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