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Getting started with your Palworld server

Thanks for purchasing a Palworld server from Lilypad! Palworld servers are pretty much ready-to-go once created, and this article should cover the basics of connecting to your server, so that you and your community can start playing in a world straight away.

First you'll want to head to our game panel, available at, where you can manage your server. Select your server from the list and you'll be taken to its Console page:

Your server should be online and ready to join. Click the Server Address box in the top right to copy your server's IP and port, which can then be shared with your friends or pasted into Palworld to connect to your server:

If you head to the Startup tab of our panel, you can change the Admin Password field to a password of your choice. This will allow you to run admin commands in game – see our article here for more info on what this allows you to do.

We also recommend setting a password for your server, even though the connection system for servers with passwords is a bit buggy. Read more here.

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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