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What admin commands can I run on my Palworld server?

You'll need to set an Admin Password via the Startup tab before you can run any admin commands in-game. After setting one that ideally your players won't be able to guess, restart your server.

There are plenty of commands you can use, once authenticated with the /adminpassword <password> command (just type it into your in-game chat). Please note that, at this current time, commands can't be run via the Console due to a limitation with Palworld's server software.

/showplayersLists all online players and their Steam IDs (the first number after their username)
/kickplayer <steam ID>Kicks the specified player from the server
/banplayer <steam ID>Permanently bans the specified player from the server
/teleporttoplayer <steam ID>Teleports yourself to the specified player
/teleporttome <steam ID>Teleports the specified player to you
/broadcast <message>Sends a message to all players on the server
/saveSaves the world data
/shutdown <seconds> <message>Shuts down the server after a specified number of seconds
/doexitForcibly stops the server
/infoShows basic server information

You can unban players by removing their Steam ID from the Pal/Saved/SaveGames/banlist.txt file on your server, and waiting a few minutes for it to take effect (or just restart your server)

Updated on: 22/01/2024

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