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How can I protect my Palworld server with a password?

We've made it easy to add a password to your Palworld server, preventing random or unwanted players from joining your world.

Head to our game panel at and select your server.

Click on the Startup tab at the top, then select the Server Password field. You can enter the password you want to use here.

Go back to the Console and restart your server. The new Server Password should now take effect, and can be edited at any time so long as you restart your server.


At the moment, Palworld is in Early Access, and one of the bugs is that players are not prompted for a password when attempting to join a server using the IP.

Although the developers are aware of this issue, there is a workaround which has been found to work:

Open Palworld and click on "Join Multiplayer Game", followed by the "Community Servers' button on the left
Click on any community server with a lock icon to the left of it (meaning it's password protected)
Enter the password of your server which you set earlier, then press "OK", then "No"
Connect to your server normally by entering its address at the bottom of the Multiplayer page

You should now be connected to your password-protected server!

Updated on: 10/04/2024

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