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Reset the world on your Minecraft server

We've made resetting the world on your server super simple.

Head to our game panel at and select your server, then press the Stop button to shut it down.

Select the Files button in the sidebar, and then delete the folder called world (as well as world_nether and world_the_end if applicable).

If you're on a non-Spigot-based server and want to only delete the Nether or End dimensions, go into the world folder then delete DIM-1 to get rid of the Nether, and DIM1 to delete the End.

Do you have a specific seed you want to use? In the Files tab, click on the file and paste the seed after the level-seed= text, then press Save.

If you're also wanting to set a specific "level type" (e.g. to get a superflat world), this can also be adjusted in the by adding one of the following after the level-type= text:

normal – the default Minecraft terrain generation
flat – a superflat world with no proper terrain
large_biomes – default terrain gen but with much larger biome sizes
amplified – default terrain gen but mountains are higher, ravines are deeper, and floating islands spawn in the sky!

Start your server again and the new world should generate. It's completely fine if this takes up to a minute or two (although usually takes up to 10 seconds), and will only happen on the first startup with the new world.

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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