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What mods do you pre-install on my Fabric server?

For the best performance, we pre-install a few mods on all Fabric servers we deploy. You're free to delete them at any time, however they're recommended for the best experience for your players.

These mods are all server-side so there's no need to have your players install them.

Fabric API hooks for modding with Fabric
Fabric API is almost 100% required if you're planning on installing your own mods on your Fabric server. We install this from the start so you don't need to upload it yourself.

Lithium game logic/server optimization mod
Lithium optimises a number of systems (game physics, mob AI, block ticking, etc) with the goal of not changing any vanilla mechanics, and so we recommend keeping it on your server to ensure the best performance and experience for your players.

Krypton mod to optimize the Minecraft networking stack
Krypton uses the same enhancements used in the "Velocity" proxy software to help improve networking on your Minecraft server.

Alternate Current efficient redstone dust implementation
Alternate Current optimises the Minecraft redstone algorithm to help with server performance, especially when it comes to large redstone farms. It shouldn't affect the vanilla mechanics too much, but if you notice redstone is not working as expected, it might be worth removing it from your server.

spark performance profiler for Minecraft servers
spark can help to diagnose issues with lag, while running in the background of your Minecraft server without hurting performance. You can use the command /spark health to view your server's TPS at any time, or /spark profiler stop to stop the performance "profiler" and upload the results.

Updated on: 03/06/2023

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